Another Jane Doe Productions

Making movies that matter, training emerging filmmakers, supporting untold stories


We produce independent and low-budget documentaries, online media, short films, experimental films, music videos, and feature films.


We offer training and work opportunities for people from demographics underrepresented in the film industry to receive hands on training and support, as well as use of equipment.


We are a safe space to explore ideas, to network with other creatives, and to produce unprofitable-but-important media and controversial, hard-to-finance works.

Support Another Jane Doe Productions

Another Jane Doe Productions runs entirely off donations from individuals. This frees us from using up time and resources applying for government grants we may not receive, from being forced to produce work designed to sell to television, and from needing to produce content inline with government, corporate, or other organization's interests. 


Your donations allow us to produce diverse, controversial, political, and boundary-splitting media. 



To volunteer your time, submit a film to be produced, get editing help with a project, host a workshop, host a screening, or help in any other way, please contact us at



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