Our Team

Kelly Showker


The buck stops here.

Filmmaker boss lady. 


Mandi Gray

Producer/Research Director

Resident badass.

Director of Silence is Violence.



Deanna Lambert

Producer/Digital Strategist

Marketing Wizard

Professional talker. Pitch genius.


Agah Bahari

Producer/Sound Designer

Ellie Ade Kur

Director of Audience Engagement

Our social media master.

Maddie Kingston

Administrative Coordinator

Coordination queen. You're first point of contact.

Cailleah Scott-Grimes

Cinematographer, graphic designer, editor

Fast cutting and sharp shooting. She's good at everything.


Rebecca D'Souza

Assistant Editor

The go-to girl for making media pop. 


We are a collectve of freelancers and volunteers- happiest bunch around.

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